Stocks or Other Securities

The donation of stocks and securities are fully tax-deductible and can also have the benefit of avoiding capital gains tax. It is recommended that you consult with your tax advisor to discuss the latest IRS rules and regulations.

The account information and donation instructions for Great Hearts’ central brokerage account are below. Please use this information to make a gift of stocks or securities to Great Hearts or to any of our academies. Also, when you submit your request for your stock transfer, please send an email message to indicating your name and the type and number of stocks being transferred.

Account Information:
DTC#: 0062

The applicable Great Hearts accounts:
• Great Hearts America Brokerage Account—15178279
• Great Hearts Arizona Brokerage Account—19470777
• Great Hearts America Texas Brokerage Account—76907652
• The Great Hearts Foundation Inc Brokerage Account—18410943

• Bank Contact Name: Dillon Englehart
• Contact Phone: 480-713-8313

Donation Instructions:
Work with your brokerage firm to produce a “letter of authorization” for the securities you wish to donate. Please use the account information above.

Your firm will process the transfer. Please notify us when the transfer takes place.

The dollar value of your gift will be determined by the daily average on the date of the transfer.

Please note: It is the policy of Great Hearts to sell all gifts of stocks and securities upon receipt.