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Rediscover the Magic of Mathematics with Satyan Devadoss at the National Symposium for Classical Education

Great Hearts Institute November 8, 2023 -

In a world inundated with the practical applications of mathematics, we often forget to appreciate the sheer beauty and mystery that lies within its depths. Satyan Devadoss, the distinguished Fletcher Jones Professor of Applied Mathematics and Professor of Computer Science at the University of San Diego, will offer a unique perspective that challenges the conventional narrative surrounding math at the National Symposium for Classical Education, March 20-22, 2024, at the Phoenix Convention Center.

His upcoming sessions at the Symposium promises to unveil the hidden wonders of this ancient discipline and present a compelling case for embracing analog mathematics in our digital age.

Devadoss’ Talk: Beauty, Utility, and Math Mystery

Mathematicians have done a good job of showcasing the usefulness of mathematics. Ironically, this very feature of math is its greatest weakness, for touting the usefulness of math destroys its innate wonder. Happily, we can unlock mathematical pleasures by seeking out the unexplored, the unknown, the undiscovered.

Devadoss encourages us to delve into the uncharted territories of mathematics, to seek out the unexplored, the unknown, and the undiscovered. By doing so, we can rekindle our sense of wonder and appreciation for this ancient and ever-evolving discipline. His talk promises to be an enlightening journey that transcends the confines of practicality, offering a fresh perspective on the true essence of mathematics.

Devadoss’ Workshop: Analog Math in a Digital Age

Satyan DevadossOver the past century, mathematics has become increasingly valued in our technologically driven world. Unfortunately, this has come at a great cost, where we prioritize digital over analog, and measurability over complexity, impacting all aspects of our lives. We offer a possible way forward to redeem our STEM obsessed world.

Through his workshop, Devadoss advocates for a balanced approach that incorporates the timeless wisdom of analog mathematics alongside the digital tools that define our era. This promises to not only enhance our understanding of the world but also reignite our passion for the enchanting intricacies of mathematics.

Why attend Satyan Devadoss’ sessions? He challenges the status quo and invites us to explore the uncharted territories of mathematics, offering a unique perspective that transcends practicality. By delving into the unknown and the undiscovered, attendees will rekindle their sense of wonder and appreciation for the profound mysteries that mathematics holds.

Devadoss’ sessions promise to be a transformative experience, offering a fresh perspective on mathematics that transcends its practical applications. By attending, you will have the opportunity to rediscover the wonder and beauty that lies at the heart of this ancient discipline. Don’t miss out on the chance to explore the uncharted territories of mathematics with one of the leading minds in the field. Join us in unlocking the magic of mathematics with Satyan Devadoss at the 2024 National Symposium for Classical Education. Registration is open NOW!

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This year’s Symposium will focus on Renewing the Great Conversation concerning great works and perennial ideas. This year we will underscore the importance of teaching and modeling the conversations that lead to insight–among colleagues, between teachers and students, with families, and across our communities. At a time when our society most needs genuine dialogue, classical schools provide a sanctuary of genuine civility. Join us to discover how classical education embodies the good conversations, providing both the means and the model for a more civil society.

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